Super Grain Oats


Though oats were one of the earliest cultivated cereals, we see them vastly in this decade. There are plenty of resources floating around on the topics of oats. We have come across tons of articles about oats in recent days. Isn’t it?

Oats give endless breakfast, dinner menu options. Most flavorsome, appetizing recipes are made with this super grain. Starting from the humble porridge to the luscious pizza, anything can be dished out by substituting any grains with oats.

Oats have always been a controversial subject with ample facts and myths. Like any other cereals and grains, oats have its own benefits and side effects. Whatsoever, we like oats because of its simplicity. According to us, nothing beats the taste of oats porridge topped with simple slices of banans and a spoonful of Peanut butter.

How oats changes our lives?

How hard it is to ward off the laziness that creeps up! Yes, we all deal with this every so often. Before we get introduced to oats, whenever we were hit by the reality called “Lazyday” we used to place orders from a restaurant and quickly finish up our lunch or dinner. I agree that saved a ton of time, the thought of not doing dishes post-meal was so easing. But coping up with the guilt about the food we just consumed was so difficult.

The above fact is never applicable for occasional dining out which is really needed to replenish and refresh.

Having oats on the shelf, really prevented us from falling on “Lady-day dining out”. We started enjoying oatmeal that’s prepared in no time and served with our favorite topping. This saved a lot of time spent on cooking and ending up with minimal dishes to clean.

Too much of anything

Contributes to nothing. Moderation really matters no matter how good the cereals/grains are. Portion control is one of the best ways to cut off excess fat and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Staying connected to the body and listening to it is much needed than ever before. Learning about our own self and understanding the suitability of food before inculcating it in the diet is really important.

Some of our favourite oats recipes

Quick Fix Oats Porridge

Oats Health Bar

More on the way..

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