About Me

I am Jone and we are a family of four. I worked for an IT firm for about 9 years and am now a homemaker. I had an interest in cooking since my teen years, then it became a passion and now I am happy to pursue it through this cooking blog. This digital medium is a great way to share different aspects related to cooking flavored with my personal moments and stories. I started this journey with a desire to pass my collection to the next generation and am happy to see it come true. I hope you will find it a good read and together let’s experience the joy of cooking!

How I developed interest in cooking?

By now, you know that I am not a chef by profession. I always wanted to develop cooking as my passion purely because it’s an opportunity to show our care and love to dear ones. Not only do creative dishes make your munchkins rejoice, but also they cherish each moment with you when you make something special in the kitchen. Hope you can relate to it :). I love watching cooking shows and have known & experimented with various recipes from it. Over the years, I have also gathered a lot of cooking tips and favorite menus from seasoned cooks within my family and friend’s community. It is truly invaluable!

What’s special about my cooking?

I always love to take dishes across cuisines and create a fusion based on my family’s needs. Not all dishes can be prepared exactly as shown on the recipe card. We always need a little tweaking here and there to accommodate our requirements. That seems merely an art which is done by all the beautiful ladies out there. The concept here is all about simple cooking with available/basic ingredients.

What do readers get from the blog?

Easy cooking tips, things I tried at home, and from our own experiences. Only the best ones would feature in the blog. Only tested and tasted recipes will be featured.

Thank you for reading!

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